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Ladies 4s beat Sonning 3s in James Bond style

26 September 2015

Ladies' 4s 6 - 1 Sonning Ladies 3s

On a beautiful sunny afternoon Hawks travelled away to take on Sonning in their second league game. Employed On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Hawks’ mission was simple; Scare The Living Daylights out of Sonning and win.

Before the game started there were whispers and growing panic on the sideline about the Thunderball speeding about the pitch. Fortunately all was calmed down when the ginger ‘mushroom cloud’ turned out to be the guest of honour Lizzie.

The start of the game was cautious as both sides tried to suss each other out. The Spectre of a loss was visible as wayward passes littered the opening display from Hawks. However, as they relaxed, the passes started connecting and Hawks began to dominate play.

Soon Sonning had to withstand a barrage of shots from Hawks, with one member taking a shot to her head who was then asked if she required a Dr. No was the reply, an ice pack was fine.

Finally Hawks were on the scoreboard as Pip made a scorching run through the centre of the pitch, used her Golden Eyes to single out Rebecca who, with her back to the keeper and goal, neatly flicked the ball on into the far corner.

Celebrations were short-lived though as a surge of Sonning players pressed forward and in the midst of some defensive confusion managed to scramble a goal on the whistle of half time.

The half time talk was simple; Goals, like Diamonds, Are Forever remembered so use that Licence To Kill and get scoring.

Sheree took this to heart as The wo-Man with the Golden Gun fired shots left, right and centre, but it was Sandra who claimed the first scalp of the second half as she positioned herself on the far post to tap the ball in as it was smashed across the D by Helen.

Pip then found herself with A View to a Kill and signalled to the defence to feed the ball forward via Rosie and Olivia down the left hand flank to enable her to find her mark.

Shortly afterwards Phil took Sheree to one side and whispered ‘For Your Eyes Only but the left hand side of the keeper is always undefended’. Sheree took heed and on the next penalty corner calmly slotted the ball into the far back corner.

Lizzie, searching for her Quantum of Solace after narrowly missing a penalty flick requested to take the second, but fortunately Sandra was nominated to demonstrate how to find the back of the net.

Sonning attempted to Skyfall Hawks in one last burst but the defensive line held firm before sending the ball back down to the Sonning lines where Hawks worked the ball around the D for Olivia to fire home.

The game ended with Hawks left to Die Another Day (although the captain would prefer this to never happen) and Sonning to lick their wounds.

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