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One more victory for the champions - Ladies' 6s

21 March 2015, 14:30, Cooper School

Ladies' 6s 4 - 1 Bicester Ladies' 3s

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Our Super Captain, Becky, was having a well-deserved day off, so Jan took the reins as Captain. A strong squad of 16 travelled to Bicester for our final match. Already Champions of the League no matter what the outcome, we were still eager for a win. Jan's instructions therefore we're to stay strong and determined, but most of all just enjoy it. Dette was hopeful that each of the forwards would get a goal!

      Hawks took a while to settle and at times looked a little nervous as Bicester started strongly. In true Hawks style we soon settled down and were connecting passes with precision. Tanya, Rachael, Gail and Bella worked tirelessly in the midfield, and our new player Hsu slotted into the team as if she had always been there.  Bicester were dangerous on the break, but Mel , Becky and Kate,  them off. On the rare occasion that they broke through Deborah, Wendy, Jan and the ever reliable Purdy prevented them from scoring.

It wasn't long before Rachael got us on the scoreboard with a skilful reverse flick, 1-0 up! We started to relax a bit and played some lovely hockey. We had most of the possession and were constantly on the attack, but Bicester had a very strong defender who successfully prevented us from increasing our score. Unfortunately Becky got a hit to the head from a ball deflected off a stick and had to come off, the bump already beginning to show. Luckily we had a good number of subs. We continued to put the pressure on, our forwards Sarah, Dette Linda and Clare working well with our midfield players to attack their D.A short corner was given and soon Tanya was rewarded for her unfading effort and slipped in our second goal, just before half time.2-0 to us.

A few "Percy pigs" later, we were re-energised and ready to go back on. Becky bravely said she would play the second half. With most of the first half being played in the attacking half we were, on occasions, outnumbered at the back and within minutes of the restart Bicester caught us off guard with a breakaway and scored a goal. All defenders committed, Bicester still had one unmarked attacker. This gave us a wakeup call. 2-1 was a little uncomfortable and we needed to up the pressure.

Hawks responded and seconds from the restart Linda connected a lovely pass left to Rachel who crossed the ball to Tanya .Tanya brought the ball into the D ,where Linda aimed for goal and Dette skilfully slipped the ball between the keepers legs to hit the back board.3-1 ...phew!

With the opposition beginning to tire, Hawks had renewed enthusiasm, and continued to put the pressure on the Bicester defenders. Another short corner was awarded and after a bit of a scramble Sarah managed to dribble the ball over the line for goal number 4. Just a few minutes to go......and soon the whistle blew. Game over, season over. We are the Champions!

MOM was Sarah Mann, for her giving 100% effort and for her skill and speed.

Well done to Hsu on her debut for L6's

Special thanks to Sophie Temminghoff our fabulous umpire! We are so grateful to you!

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