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Ladies' 6s win the league and celebrate with bubbly and cakes!

14 March 2015, 16:30, Banbury Road North (Near)

Ladies' 6s 4 - 1 Maidenhead Ladies 4s

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So an exciting game as we have our match talk from a nervous captain Becky. She made clear we had to win this game to win the league, something Maidenhead also needed to do, and so far they are the only opposition we have lost to.  She told us about not forgetting to pass to the wings or back and that we are also allowed to use the whole width if the pitch! We had a proper warm up followed by some short corner practice so we had at least 5 options. Sophie Dawes came along to support and offered to manage the team and subbing for us and gave us some of the wealth of knowledge she has about hockey!

So the game started and was evenly match, Maidenhead was always going to be our toughest competition and the possession was about even.  But after we had many strikes at goal well defended by their young keeper Rachael Potter persisted and finally one trickled over the line.  Maidenhead fought back and it wasn't long before they equalised (the less said about that the better.) At half time it remained a draw but we were playing lovely hockey together and working really well as a team and we were told by Mrs Dawes that we could win this! A few Haribos later and we were back on the pitch. Another short corner was awarded and the forwards knew that this one was going to the right, Linda received it, slipped it to Rachael.  Rachael looked like she was considering slipping it to the post but instead gave an almighty whack to the back of the goal.  So 2-1 we were more relaxed but the captain was wishing the clock would tick faster! Rachael was having a rest on the side line but begging to go back on, and as soon as she did she scored a hat trick. By this time captain Becky was on at the back giving Deborah a rest and feeling confident we could win this but still had 10 minutes to go.  Maidenhead fought hard and many times did the two Becky's have to clear the ball from the D ably assisted by Mel, Jessica and Amelia.  Gail remained strong in the middle with the other Mrs Dawes assisting Rachael and Zoe as inners and Linda as ever was waiting for the ball which was tackled and run up the middle by super quick Giorgia and Sarah.  With about 3 minutes to go Linda got her chance and finally bounced one over the keeper’s head and to the back of the net.  This sealed it for us and we just had to keep them back for a couple of minutes before the final whistle confirmed us as league champions! Becky bounced for joy, Jessica and Giorgia did cartwheels and the captain attempted to copy with what could only be described as a big flop to the floor.  So a very happy team, it just goes to show that the best team isn't always made up of the best players, but players that play best together!

Fizz flowed in the clubhouse with celebration cakes awarded to the team and congratulations from the president! We still have one game left next week so let's make out points a little higher.  Lots of votes for MOM, for Giorgia, Zoe and Rachael but the majority votes went to Jessica for her super tackling skills!

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