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One down four to go. Men's 5s struggle past Henley

28 February 2015

Men's 5s 3 - 1 Henley Men's 3s

This weeks victory against Henley could hardly be described as a great match, but it did provide the 5s with another win and keep promotion hopes very much alive. In spite of some disjointed play and a few scrambled defences in the early part of the game Hawks took control with a run of three goals, one delivered by Matt Dodd in his usual and inimitable out of control fashion, another via an ostensibly "intentional" mishit on a short corner supplied by Rob Oldershaw, and a final one slipped in by Nathan Sutton after a goal mouth scramble (James Holder claims that his "shot" was going in before Nathan got involved were roundly ignored). For a brief moment it seemed as though a comeback might be on, as some lax marking led to a simple strike slipping into the Hawks near post, much to the bemusement of keeper Jack Sobey, and then later James Holder deflected a cross expertly into the top corner- and was very relived to be told that the own goal rule had been abandoned- but there were to be no more goals in this contest, which became dominated in the second half by long passes that went straight through a seemingly non-existent midfield.

It was a close contest for Man of the Match, with Jack eventually losing out to newcomer Alex Savage, in spite of some excellent saves. Other performances of note were James Holder, who put in a staggering workload in the unaccustomed position of midfield and Harris Douglas (Doug) who, though unable to play due to injury kept up a steady steam of instructions from the sideline.

Well played, and only four more wins for a promotion.

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