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01 March 2015, 12:15, St. Edward's School

Ladies' 5s 4 - 2 Wycombe Ladies 4s



From the first whistle we were very attacking and had most of the possession, we were focused and within the first 5 minutes MOM Lotty hit a great cross to Maddie in the D who deflected it in for our first goal. We were using width well and Emma Fitzsimons and Emma Milne were very busy along the left sideline, maintaining possession with great persistence. Buffy and Zara also worked really hard in the half line up and down the pitch.


We then had the first two of many short corners neither ending in a goal, but only a few minutes later we were awarded another one which ended with Lotty taking a shot on goal and it being deflected over the keepers head by a defender.


We kept wearing down the defence by maintaining possession and Olivia and Emily Dawes had lots of shots on goal but unfortunately, their keeper was quite good… In the last two minutes of the half they were awarded a short corner against us, but our fearless defence denied them of a goal, with great work from Blanche, Susan and Evelyn.


The end of the first half was 3-0. After inspirational words from Susan and Jacks, who we were very lucky to have watching us, we set about the second half.


We started the second half with great distribution work from Megan in the middle with Zara and Chloe working really well together on the right hand side which resulted in some great strikes on goal but their keeper stubbornly refused to let any of them go in.  Lotty scored again through pure determination and just squeezed it past the keeper at the near post.


From the push back after that goal, Wycombe irritatingly didn’t let go of the ball and managed to win a short corner which lead to their first goal. In fact it was a great strike which bounced off Evelyn's foot into the corner of the goal!


We responded really well to this though and Emily Dawes managed to win a short corner, from which we won a short corner and from that we won another…but still no goal! Olivia had great shots on goal as well as Chloe but we were beginning to tire and Wycombe were breaking us down.


Wycombe got the ball back down to our end and took a shot on goal, which hit Susan in the shoulder and stopped it from going in – taking one for the team! However this meant it was a penalty flick against us, but Evelyn produced a spectacular save!! As we drew near to the end of the match Wycombe were awarded a short corner against us as the final whistle blew. Our defence worked really hard but unluckily a deflection from us sent the ball high into the back of the net and Wycombe got their second goal.


With an overall number of 12 short corners with only two resulting in goals, we know what we need to work on for the next two big games coming up.


After a great match, with a huge team effort, we came away with a satisfying 4-2 win.  And we scored all the goals!!!

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