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Satisfying win for Mens 7's

28 February 2015, 12:00, Banbury Road North (Top)

Men's 7s 2 - 1 Sonning Men's 5s

Buoyed by last week’s draw against top of the table Banbury, Hawks 7’s took to the pitch with 8 players from last week’s squad.  This is a first for the season in the otherwise scratch sides that we have seen in the recent past.  The skippers talk was somewhat shorter given that no introductions were needed.  Strict instructions were given to move the ball in the first 2/3rds of the pitch and not lose possession.  DOD from last week, Henner’s decided not to attend the pre match chat preferring his own company and p flick practice.  The skipper decided it was likely to be 'in one ear and out the other' so persevered with the rest of the team.

If only we had one of those pie chart graphics for territory as in the first half Hawks had a huge portion of the pie. As ever, our defence was an assured mixture of maturity …and well maturity.  No need to discuss the average age. Let’s just say they were all erring on the side of mature.  Well done to messr Wells, Werl, Stoker, Clarke and the slightly more youthful Dunn snr.  We held a pretty high defence line and blanked out most attacks.  Stoker and Wells even made it to the heady heights of half back at times without needing too much oxygen. Rob Werl made his second appearance for the 7’s and is progressing well from his Back to Hockey roots and displaying some assured tackling skills.

So, back to the first half.  We soon took control and zipped the ball from left to right channel creating many opportunities. Our break came with a super delivery from George Chambers to Jack O’D to the right wing. Jack drove to the back line and then delivered a great cross to the other side of the D to Barney Gordon who drove the ball  towards the backboard.  Great move slicing through the Sonning defence.  Intelligent play from those involved and a great first Hawks goal for Barney Gordon.  The skippers pre match chat with Mrs Gordon had already established she would be watching the ‘other game’ at Hawks.  Perhaps the excitement would have been too much and could have induced premature labour.  It’s definitely one for Barney to tell Gordon junior all about in due course……

Elsewhere on the field Smith and Venables marshalled midfield whilst Henners resorted to form with some clattering strikes from midfield and a barrage of aerials.  Our juniors of Colebrooke, Dunn, Jack O’D and George did well to control these missiles and were very effective in both passing and driving.  Black snr was  the target man upfront and could have added to the first half score with a bit of luck.

Half time came with Sonning appearing to have ’words’ with each other.  It seemed to have some effect on them as they became much more positive in the 2nd half.  Hawks lost a bit of possession and territory.  Another aerial from Henners made its way into the D.  A bit of a scuffle between Black snr and the goalie resulted in the ball falling to Jack O’s who pounced and slotted Hawks 2nd goal.  After this we started to fall apart a bit.  We played deeper and probably tired a bit.  This encouraged Sonning to take the game to us and they pulled one back from a solo drive into our D that was uncontested.  The game then turned a bit shaky for Hawks and we were relieved to hear the final whistle and collect the 3 points.

Men of the week this week goes to all our juniors. Will Hackett, Charlie Colebrooke, Jack O’Donovan, George Chambers and Ollie Dunn who had a fantastic game and even the oppo commented on their ability.  It was a tough call as there was definitely a chance that Barney Gordon was in with a shout…maybe a bit more support from the side lines would have tipped the balance……



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