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Mens 6's reach for the skies with emphatic win over OMT

24 January 2015, 15:00, Banbury Road North (Near)

Men's 6s 3 - 0 OMT Men's 4s

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It was another changed team that met up at Hawks on a chilly afternoon. With only 5 from the week before ( Van Missie decided that the Swiss slopes were a better option this week - disciplinary to follow), the Mens 6's were boosted by a reformed Chris Orme, Tom Gilman returning from a long exile, and three Magdalen boys who were joined by their friend Roberto.

At the pre game chat, Skipper Spittles looked proudly on his healthy and young (well, in parts..) squad, and started dreaming of the 3 points that his team desperately needed....

He even asked the chair to do a team warm up.....

The first 10 minute spell wasn't very pleasant. The slightly creaking back five  (Dawes and maybe Image excepted)  couldn't get the ball, let alone include the more mobile midfield and attack, and OMT went close more than a few times. Jonny Atkins kept it tight at the back, and slowly, Hawks started to play some hockey. Chris Orme slotted home a short corner after some great work by Messrs Patel and Spittles up front.

The opposition started to get a bit raggy, partly because we probably had more of the 50/50 decisions, and partly because they could sense that their  8-1 thrashing of us at home wasn't going to be replicated. It culminated in their CF, having been whistled up for a contentious (but correct) foot  just as he was in a one on one with Jonny, deciding to change sport to mouth guard hurling - not yet that popular in this country, mainly because it generally involves cards of the yellow nature. Umpire Gary Mahon however, decided to just look at him with the same look that we have all looked at our children when they have made themselves look very silly, and strangely, this calmed down OMT. 

KP lookalike (back from his native land of bushes and shooting furry things) tried manfully, but was perplexed when he confused a bright orange thing (the sun) with a the aerial that ex Goalie Spittles had skilfully projected into open space, by the time KP had realised that this was an advanced form of field hockey he was tackled....

Robins had his usual tireless running display in midfield, and Hawks played some really good hockey. Half time came, 1-0 up and all to play for.  

Then Hawks started to play some sublime hockey, the newcomers outstanding - Gilman took control in the middle, Kiran Patel showed us just how good he is and will be, Archie Spittles had a blinder up front with DAwes showing us what an addition of pace can do at the back! - goals two and  three came, and it should have been four when Spittles jnr was cynically wiped out by two converging OMT players on the P spot, but Mr Mahon had taken more pity on OMT and awarded a short. Goals by Spittles and Patel rounded off the game.

Honourable mentions too to Mike Image, recovering well from the prior weeks scandal of eurovision vote rigging.

Thanks to Geoff and Gary for umpiring, very enjoyable afternoon.

Man of the match Kiran Patel.

next week, away to South Bucks 1's and already availability looking tight.....

It never is simple at the bottom of the food chain!


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