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The match that wasn't

06 December 2014, 12:30, Witney Astro Turf Pitch

Ladies' 4s cancelled Witney Ladies 2s

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Saturday dawned white and frosty, conditions which set social media buzzing as the L4s network sent pitch and weather reports in from all around the county.  With a top of the table clash scheduled against Witney, the team assembled early at BRN to support the L5s.  Captain Catherine agreed a delayed push-back to allow the Witney pitch more time to thaw, but upon arrival it was clear that half of the pitch remained frozen.  

Undaunted by this state of affairs, the defence retired to Becky's to see to the match cakes, expertly provided by Caroline.  Several cups of tea later the score was Hawks 4 - Cakes 0.  Driving back in the sunshine, the team took a long half-time break before assembling for the rest of the game.
The second half got off to a slow start.  Sophie Bennett, usually so switched on racing down the wing, took an extra-long nap and lost her shorts.  Vicky decided to work off the calorific cake with an extra gym session, meanwhile the rest of the midfield set up a busy workshop. The elves worked tirelessly to prepare costumes, taking breaks only to show youngsters April and Gabs how to sew.  Finally the elf outfits were complete - with bells on!
The final quarter saw constant circle entries by the intrepid elves into the packed restaurant, with some judicious ordering resulting in extra pepperoni.  Fully refuelled, the elves headed to the final part of the match back at the clubhouse.  With the blackness of the night, a certain fogginess prevents our reporter from recounting the full details of the remainder of the evening.  Doubtless many skilful moves were seen on the dance floor.  Victory can be declared, however, based yet again on the quality of the L4s fancy dress.  How's that bunting coming along, skipper?
Result - Match postponed.
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