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Still undefeated, Ladies' 6s remain top

15 November 2014, 13:00

Ladies' 6s 5 - 0 Sonning Ladies 5s

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We have a cracking team this year!  We have lots of players who really ought to be playing 5s but cannot make it to training.  So last year this team lost nearly every game and this year we are top of the league.

This week we had problems with availability but Oliva and Chloe agreed to play for us. In the end we went with a bare eleven.

Play was pretty even for the start of the game and the backs, Mel and Kally were kept quite busy but had no problem tackling and clearing the ball.  Alex in goal had a excellent game doing some lovely passes.

Chloe, playing out of position as left half, had a great game.  What a lovely player she is with beautiful skills!  Rachel Livermore, despite a cold, played very well as right half and was always where you needed her to be.  Gail had her usual excellent game, distributing the ball excellently on attack and coming back to defend every time when they attacked.

Then we began to dominate the game.  We had short corner after short corner but just could not convert.  The Rachael Potter slipped the ball to Dette who slotted it in behind the keeper.  We were 1-0 up.  Rachael did a lovely cross from the right to Mary who did a great shot at goal but it was disallowed as neither was inside the circle at the time.  Then Dette received the ball on the left and ran in with it and beat the keeper we were 2-0 up.

At this stage the umpire got fed up with Steve Hudson’s comments from the sideline and offered him the whistle which he accepted!

At half time, the mood was positive and there were lots of good suggestions.  We were definitely going to win this – it was just a question of how many we were going to score!  Sonning provided a man to umpire instead of Steve.

The next goal was a cracker from Rachael Potter who was in fine form as right inner.  Lizzie Wray worked very hard as left inner, keeping Dette who was left wing well supplied with balls.  She got the next goal to complete her usual hat-trick (so should easily keep her place as top scorer in the club).  In the second half Olivia moved in the centre forward position and was unlucky not to score as she played very well.  Mary was always in the right position as right wing receiving the ball deep in the circle and then laying it off to the other forwards to complete the attack.  The final goal came from Rachael Potter again.  So we finished with a 5-0 win and remain undefeated.

Player of the match was Rachel Livermore who had an excellent game, coming back to defend and feeding the ball up the right wing.

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