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Shirley's lookalike scores last minute winner for Mens 6's

04 October 2014, 14:30, Banbury Road North (Top)

Men's 6s 3 - 2 Eastcote Men's 5s

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Having watched the 4th team struggle to put anything past the Eastcote 3rd team keeper,  skipper Spittles was speechless  (yes!) when the eastcote 6's skipper said that their keeper wasn't going to arrive (I dont think he was ever planned to arrive...) and that they would have the Eastcote keeper from the pitch next door....

After a hurried consultation with the Chair, sportmanship over-ruled the desire for an early season victory in league 6.....and an early look at the Eastcote 6's suggested that their youth wouldn't be a match for the experience of the hawks 6's.

After an early goal from Ashley Robbins via good approach work by debutant Brett Morrison and sharp wing play by Shirley, it seemed that the keeper wouldn't be the obstacle that the skipper had feared. 

Hawks played their best hockey in the opening quarter, which was undone by a sloppy pass at the back which let in their young forward to score a shock equaliser. The lead was restored by Brett Morrison with a lightening strike after 3 Hawks attempts at the (then) besieged keeper.

Half time saw the whole team completely ignore the skippers request for more passing and use of the whole pitch - none more so than himself when he decided that playing in the giddy heights of half back, would enable him to dribble past someone a third of his age, having won the ball, Eastcote took advantage and promptly sprinted into the gap left by Spittles and equalised.

Then it was a frustrating game as Eastcote started looking for an unlikely winner, the Eastcote keeper continued to play very well, and the "experienced" hawks team started looking more like the "exhausted" team!!

In the 70 th minute, Hawks rediscovered their mojo and a rapid attack from the HAwks D resulted in (remarkably) Shirley's lookalike moving twice as fast as Shirley had ever done before, and got on the end of a rapid cross and Hawks had managed to get a win in their first game....

Stephen Elliott deserves mention for real effort up front, and Ashley Robbins and John Kaluza had solid games, as did another debutant in Chris Orme, but man of the match went to Shirleys lookalike for providing a performance that Shirley could only dream about.



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