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Ladies 2s Winning Ways against Wycombe 1s

23 August 2014

Ladies' 2s 3 - 0 Wycombe Ladies' 1s

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The Ladies 2s had their 2nd pre-season friendly of the summer, playing Wycombe 1s on Saturday. Hawks started really well and immediately put pressure on the Wycombe defence with some great work from forwards; Claire Werlinger, Emily Wilkins and Kasey Butler. The 2s were awarded a penalty corner fairly quickly which Kara Kerr converted with a straight strike from the top of the D. 

With the score at 1-0, Hawks had confidence to pass the ball around and were patiently passing the ball round the back until a successful lead from the midfield and forwards came about. This quickly led to two goals from Emily and Claire, making the score 3-0 at half time.

Wycombe came out fighting in the 2nd half and were immediately in Hawks' D but the Hawks back four, Sophie Carter, Caro Harris, Louisa Heathcote and Georgia Perkins handled the pressure in a calm manner and Wycombe's attacking opportunity quickly passed. Storm Sunderland worked tirelessly in the inside forward position, picking up the ball in the final third and getting past a number of Wycombe players.

The 2s immediately passed the ball up the pitch into Wycombe's D but the Wycombe goalkeeper was on hand to make a number of great saves, despite pressure from Lizzie Siese and Hie Sawyer. This was the theme of the 2nd half, Hawks did well to get the ball into the 2nd half with some great long balls from Rosie Atkinson but the Wycombe keeper and defence dealt with the pressure in a composed manner. 

Kasey showed her usual composure in front of goal and was awarded a penalty corner towards the end of the game. Unfortunately, the 1-2-1 between Kara and Jo Tolson was saved by the Wycombe goalkeeper. 

The final score was 3-0, however there were lots of positives from the Ladies 2s perspective and they all look forward to the next friendly against Marlow 1s on the 30th August.


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