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Ladies' 6s in grand form against Bicester 4s

22 March 2014, 16:00, Cooper School

Ladies' 6s 3 - 0 Bicester Ladies' 4s

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The Ladies’ 6th team had an exciting game on Saturday afternoon against Bicester with Tamsin Lewis making her debut after attending several training sessions. She was a great addition to the team and together with the other 2 forwards, Clare Strickland and Pam they made some hopeful runs down the pitch in the first half but at half time the score was still 0-0. Megan then managed to score a tremendous goal early in the second half which was very well-deserved after fantastic work rate throughout the game. Her goal was an excellent strike and just what the team needed to become more confident. A second goal came shortly after from Tamsin. There was some lovely play from Jessica and Maddie who put the pressure on their defence to retrieve possession and get the ball back in our D on more than one occasion. Lissie had a particularly impressive second half with some speedy runs up the left wing and lovely crosses into the goal. Meanwhile Jan and Deborah were letting nothing through the defence and Purdy was beginning to look almost bored until she cleared an attempt on goal with a hefty kick. Becky M-W moved up to centre forward for the last 10 minutes of the game and slapped in a cracking goal to finish the game and in the end the final score was 3-0. Well played everyone.

Bella Dawes was voted player of the match for her excellent work as centre half.

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