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15 March 2014, 12:00, Banbury Road North (Near)

Men's 3s 3 - 2 Wokingham Men's 1s

1st v 2nd last weekend with Wokingham visiting BRN and included in their team was Chris Armitage, ex 1st XI player for Hawks back in the day, Chris was one of the players instrumental in Hawks getting to the National League, even going to the length of dislocating his shoulder at the National Hockey Stadium during the playoffs.

 After the usual banter of,

 "where has your hair gone Chris?" 

"I've not seen you in 10 years Big Dog and it looks like you spent most of that time eating"

"Who spilt salt and pepper on Boots head"

" I hear Clarkey has brittle bones"

 The game  got started. Wokingham coming out quickly at Hawks but it was noticed that given the unseasonably warm weather and the abundance of skinny gingers in the Wokingham line up, that this would not last, they would lose their temper, overheat, melt or all of the aforementioned. This indeed happened with the rant directed mainly at Jim Patel, known for his calming influence and acceptance of alternative views on the rules, but sadly not fluent in Ginglish so therefore unable to understand what they were saying, he got his cards out instead.


 Hawks went into the league when Bas Marshall flicked high into the top of the net from a short corner, this shocked almost everyone, as Bas's recent flicks have not been that powerful, it may be as a result of not using his usual Kookaburra Stickofcelary. Wokingham soon struck back with a decent short corner of their own giving Ben Reeves little chance in the Hawks goal. Strangely Wokingham took their eye off the ball for a period as they seemed intent on offering words of encouragement to both Umpires, one of the Wokingham players spontaneously  combusted in midfield another had emergency factor 50 applied. Armo had to go off as the reflection from his head was blinding players on the top pitch and this allowed Hawks to go two up, Jamie Clark who up until a few weeks ago could not have scored in Lava Ignite during a buy one get one free on WKD Blue slipped his defender and buried the ball from a tight angle.

 2-1 at half time and a finely balanced game, Hawks the better side technically but Wokingham were robust, committed, noisy and by this time annoyed at the umpires, Hawks players, the pitch side temperature and the lack of after sun in the medi pack.

 The editor feels that the next part of the match report should be left to someone else. Pablo Poulter kindly wrote the next passage.

 So there are legendary moments In hawks history that people would never believe unless they were there. What happened becomes someone else's  elaborated myth rather than fact. legendary moments in Hawks history that sound so unlikely it's truth becomes a watered down almost ficticous impossibility. If my body and mind lasts I will tell my grandchildren about 15th march 2014... Big dogs goal.

  So the facts - first v second - hawks v Wokingham 2-1 to hawks and a tight even balanced game of us on the front foot, but being counter attacked well. A nicely worked move on the right hand side see's the ball fired in from the right to the p-spot. Big dog (the manager/keeper)only thrown on by boots so he could have 2 mins with Tyler is there. Big dog with back to goal, heavily marked, let's the ball come to him and outrageously deflects it thru his legs into the corner of the net.

   Amazing- the world stops - tears and elation around the globe -  The Crimea situation is resolved-  north and South Korea join hands - even Oscar Pistorious pleads guilty.

  Big dog is mobbed - jaws drop all round at brn at the deft, sublime act witnessed. Even Wokingham players on the sideline decline to return to the pitch.

  The rest of the game, well, 3-2 hawks and another championship winning performance - history and another legend is born.

  If in 40 years you hear about this moment and people doubt it - just whisper quietly...very quietly.... It's all true and he did mean it, he really did.

  You know how I know........... I, we were there!

 So that just about sums it up, 3-2 win, two games to go to remain unbeaten in the League.

 It only remains me to say, that the youngsters of Bas Marshall, Tim Webster and Johnny Florey were all excellent, a goal for Bas and a MOM award for Johnny. Nice of Tim Spittles to let the 3's have Tim and Johnny, they both played beyond their years and with this kind of player coming through and the Captains promoting youth the club is in good hands.

 What a goal !!!!!!!!!!!


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