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Fixtures for the next two weeks

06 March 2021

Home - Banbury Road North (Near)

10:00 Ladies' 3s vs South Berkshire Ladies 1s Cancelled
12:00 Ladies' 1s vs Oxford University Ladies 1s Cancelled
13:30 Men's 2s vs OMT Men's 1s Cancelled
15:00 Ladies' 4s vs Henley Ladies 2s Cancelled
16:30 Ladies' 7s vs Aylesbury Ladies 4s Cancelled

Home - Banbury Road North (Top)

10:00 Men's 5s vs Wallingford Men's 2s Cancelled
11:30 Men's 7s vs Phoenix & Ranelagh Men's 3s Cancelled


time tba Men's 3s vs Milton Keynes Men's 2s Cancelled
time tba Falcons vs Amersham & Chalfont Men's Vint Cancelled
time tba Men's 4s vs Leighton Buzzard Men's 1s Cancelled
time tba Men's 1s vs Havant Men's 1s Cancelled
10:00 Ladies' 5s vs Maidenhead Ladies 3s Cancelled
10:30 Ladies' 6s vs Amersham & Chalfont Ladies 4s Cancelled
15:00 Ladies' 2s vs Amersham & Chalfont Ladies 1s Cancelled
15:00 Men's 6s vs Wallingford Men's 3s Cancelled

07 March 2021

Home -

time tba U14 Boys vs Amersham & Chalfont U14 Boys Cancelled
time tba U12 Girls A vs Wallingford U12 Girls Cancelled
time tba Ladies O35s vs Maidenhead Ladies O35s Cancelled
time tba U16 Girls A vs Repton Hockey Club U16 Girls Cancelled
time tba U14 Girls A vs Cheltenham U14 Girls Cancelled


time tba U16 Girls B vs Banbury U16 Girls Cancelled
time tba U16 Boys vs Wycombe U16 Boys Cancelled
14:00 Men's 1s vs Havant Men's 1s Cancelled

13 March 2021

Home - Banbury Road North (Near)

10:00 Ladies' 6s vs Windsor Ladies 2s
11:30 Ladies' 2s vs Wanderers Ladies 1s
13:00 Ladies' 5s vs South Berkshire Ladies 2s
14:30 Men's 6s vs Phoenix & Ranelagh Men's 2s
16:00 Falcons vs Woking Pitts the Elders
18:00 Men's 1s vs Southgate Mens' 1s

Home - Banbury Road North (Top)

10:00 Men's 3s vs Banbury Men's 2s
11:30 Men's 4s vs Eastcote Men's 3s


time tba Men's 2s vs Oxford University Men's 2s
12:00 Ladies' 7s vs Sonning Ladies 5s Berkssc
14:30 Men's 5s vs High Wycombe Men's 3s BA
14:00 Ladies' 1s vs Clifton Robinsons Ladies 2s GHSG
14:00 Ladies' 3s vs Newbury & Thatcham Ladies' 1s HENWK
10:30 Ladies' 4s vs Wycombe Ladies 2s WHS
If in any doubt about time/place please contact your captain/coach!
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