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Hawks’ new Online Shop is now open!  Managed by Blue Blood Sports, it is intended that in due course the shop will carry a full range of playing related kit provided by our chosen supplier Canterbury, as well as casual wear.  At this stage in its development, just the playing related kit is available from the shop as follows: -

Tracksuit Bottoms
Training T-Shirt
Polo shirts

Socks are available from the kiosk.  A limited supply of adult shorts and skorts are also available to buy from Neil Biggs – just drop him an email on

If a member wishes to buy their own playing shirt with a number to go on the back of their shirt, they may be able to do so. However, to avoid confusion with club numbering, it will not be possible for a member to choose a number for their own shirt between 1 and 18 inclusive.

And the kit (except socks) is available from the Blue Blood Sports store here:

Men's 1s 23rd March 2019

Protective Equipment

The International Hockey Federation’s Rules of Hockey recommend that players wear shin, ankle and mouth protection when playing. The club of course adopts this recommendation. If you are an adult player (18 or over), however, it is your decision as to whether you follow this recommendation or not. If you are the parent or guardian of a junior player then it is for you to ensure that your child follows this recommendation.

The Federation’s rules also permit players to wear any form of body protection and a face mask or metal grill face mask when defending a penalty corner. The club has purchased some face masks and grills which may be available for you or your child to wear when defending a penalty corner. The club does not guarantee that these face masks and grills will be available to use during a game or at practice however. Accordingly, if you are concerned about this for yourself or for your child then you must obtain a face mask or grill that you or your child can use at any time.


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